24.11. - 02.12.2015

1. Convoy

Dimitrovgrad (Serbia)
SlavonskiBrod (Kroatia)
Dobova (Slovenia)


From November 24th until December 2nd 9 volunteers in two vans were dispatched to

the Balkan, to actively assist the refugees

at the boarder. 4 persons have continued

to Dimitrovgrad at the Bulgarian-Serbian boarder, whilst the remaining 5 were positioned on the Croatian-Slovenian boarder

at Dobova to assist in a refugee camp.


09. - 14.01.2016
15. - 23.01.2016

2. Convoy

Dunkerque (France)


Between January 9th and 14th two teams went to the Dunkerque. At this unofficial

camp numerous people were desperately housing in devastated  tents….


With the support of financial aids were

we able to purchase foodstuff but also

gas cylinders which were being distributed. Food was being prepared

in the camp kitchen and we have

supplied all sorts of individual help,

as we saw fit.


18.02. - 25.02.2016

3. Convoy

Sentijl (Slovenia)


In February we were able to organize yet another convoy of super motivated volunteers. 

A team went to Sentijl on the Slovenian-Austrian boarder. They were supposed to help in the camp, however due to the push-backs and closed boards they found the camps deserted (empty). So they continued their journey to Zagreb to join the another relief organization "Are you Syrious". Our team participated on logistic tasks such as preparing containers with all sorts of donations; clothes, shoes and other material. This container was eventually sent to Greece. 

18.02. - 25.02.2016

3. Convoy

Chios (Grece)


On February 18th 7 volunteers set off by plane the Greece, more specifically the Island of Chios. This team had been accredited by the local organization " “Chios Eastern Shore Rescue Team“ (CESRT).


At this moment in time Chios is the destination of numerous refugee vessels,  these arrivals will need to be supported with the most elementary stuff. Besides Night-partols, Spotting the "Luxembourg Team" also assisted the local population, who are slowly devastating and can't cope with this situation any longer. 


(which provided an opportunity for our Luxembourg….) Thereby our Luxembourg volunteers were able to get a general picture of the entire situation in Greece and in particular on the Island of Chios. (this Island)

The need for help remains huge, and Catch a Smile has decided to continue to financially support the various (local) Organisations at site. 




short Convoy
Dunkerque (France)


4. Convoy

Dunkerque (France)


With 43 bicycles we drove up to Duinkerk, where we made many refugees really really happy.


5. Convoy

Idomeni (Greece)


1 of our volunteers drove up to Idomeni with crutches an wheelchairs and helped for a week by cooking for refugees.


6. Convoy

Athens (Greece)


2 volunteers went to Athens for helping at

the Port “E2“.


7. Convoy

Dunkerque (France)


A group of volunteers was activ during a whole week in the new camp, builded by “Médecins sans frontières“ in Duinkerk.

19.04. - 26.04.2016

8. Convoy

Idomeni (Greece)


5 volunteers were in Idomeni, a small town near the boarder to Macedonia. About 10.000 refugees were living here in a wild inofficial camp, waiting that the boarders will open.

Idomeni was evacuated in may 2016.


12.05. - 15.05.2016

9. Convoy
Dunkerque (France)


Once more we had a group of volunteers in Duinkerk (France).


14.05 - 21.05.2016

10. Convoy

Idomeni (Greece)


Mir waren zu 7 Volontären zréck op Idomeni, e klengt Duerf  a Griicheland.


World Refugee Day
Schengen (Luxembourg)


In cooperation with other organisations and NGO's from Luxembourg we'd organisated an event for the "World Refugiee Day“.

Photos: Olivier Bouton

19.06 - 26.06.2016

11. Convoy

Thessaloniki (Greece)


We had a group of 5 volunteers in Thessaloniki, in the north of Greece.

There are many officials refugeecamps, where we were providing the needed help.

18.07. - 28.07.2016

12. Convoy

Thessaloniki (Greece)


We had a group of 8 volunteers working in Thessaloniki, in the north of Grece.



16.08. - 08.09.2016

13. Convoy

Thessaloniki and Athens (Greece)


8 volunteers were working during this period in and around official and inoffical camps in the north of Greece and in Athens.

24.10. - 6.11.2016

15. Convoy

Thessaloniki (Greece)


5 volunteers were working during this period in Thessaloniki with Soul Food Kitchen and other NGO's.

01.11. - 5.11.2016

16. Convoy

Athens (Greece)


We had 1 volunteer in Athens,
working in co-operation with

different NGO's 

23.10. - 30.10.2016

14. Convoy

Chios (Greece)


5 Volunteers were on the island Chios to help.

05.10. - 05.11.2016
Chios (Greece)


During 4 weeks we had a longtherm volunteer in Chios working at the “Chios Refugee Education“ School.


28.12.2016 - 08.01.2017

Thessaloniki (Greece)

15.01. - 22.01.2017

Thessaloniki (Greece)

30.01. - 19.02.2017

Thessaloniki (Greece)

17.02. - 25.02.2017

Chios (Greece)

19.02. - 25.02.2017

Athens (Greece)

25.02. - 04.03.2017

Belgrade (Serbia)

24.03. - 31.03.2017

Belgrade (Serbia)

09.04. - 15.04.2017

Thessaloniki (Greece)

08.04. - 15.02.2017
Chios (Greece)

13.04. - 20.04.2017

Athen (Greece)

20.05. - 27.05.2017

Belgrade (Serbia)

June 2017
Thessaloniki (Greece)

June-august 2017

2 Long terms in Chios (Greece)

September - December 2017

2 Long terms in Athens (Greece)

January 2018

1 Longterm in Chios (Greece)


February 2018

1 Longterm in Chios (Greece)


March 2018

Sid (Serbia)

Now and then...

Long terms a Griicheland

Regularly convoys to Calais.

Since mid 2018 regulary active

on the ground in Bosnia.

...find more pictures and dates
of convoys on in our 
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