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Catch a Smile a.s.b.l.

We go where help is needed!​


In November 2015a group 9 Luxembourg volunteers joined a relief convoy to the Balkans to actively help people that were escaping from their home countries. Thereafter the motivation was even bigger to continue, fueled by further demands of others wanting to assist as well.


We are now proud to present our own association "Catch a Smile".

This organisation will allow us manage donations and funds and will provide

a future structure for further activities. 



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Why "Catch a Smile"?

It is exactly this what people get from volunteers on the numerous junctures of their journey. Besides clothes, food and beverages, it is mainly a "Smile" which comforts these people. A modest human gesture for free which is extremely valuable. 


We want: 

Continuously organize relief convoys to where help is needed, and with your help support the refugees on their voyage. Thereby also new volunteers will have the possibility to provide a helping hand and thereby obtain an individual picture of the respective places. 

Our ideology:

People that, for whatever reason, are forced to leave their homes are dependent on help from others.

It is exactly this what we would like to give….

We are fortunate enough be in a situation where

we can afford to do this. 


Our Activities: 

•  Relief convoys to the Balkans & Greece

    and to Calais & Dunkerke (Dunkerque) 

•  Support for local organisations on the ground

•  Collection of financial and material aid

•  Information and sensibility


Who are the people behind Catch a Smile:

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