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How can you support us?

Become a active and creative and collect funds for our course, that would be the most valuable support. 

There are various how you can achieve this, such as selling cakes and bakeries, exhibitions , organising parties or brunches and the like. We are happy to assist you, just let us know…

And we are happy to pass by when possible. 


Financial donations

All sorts of financial support is urgently needed. The fund could be used to purchase foodstuff, water, shoes
​and other materials that will need to be purchased on the spot and thereby supporting the local businesses. 

Our account number is: BCEE LU83 0019 4755 1571 9000


Material donations

Since we do not hold a storage facility and since the requirements continuously change from camp to camp we are collecting shortly before an envisaged departure. For that reason we are focusing on the collection of materials that are mostly needed in relation to our next destination. Notably also the local or major relief organizations only have access to limited storage facilities on site. Therefore we are adhering strictly to the requirements request which are being communicated to us and thank you for you understanding in this respect. 

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